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Motivation Monday: 7 Steps to a Healthier Life


Hello to all!,

So I am currently 3 weeks into a healthy lifestyle change and I am really enjoying how I am feeling lately. It is easy to lose track of what we put into our bodies and before we know it, it takes its toll and we don’t feel our best anymore. It is reinvigorating and revitalising to take a rain check on our health and make a small number of key changes to boost our mood and confidence. It can be difficult to get back on track and regain focus on caring for our bodies, especially when life becomes pretty chaotic. However the long term benefits of a healthy body and mind are undeniably rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a large effort to improve your health, Just small incremental changes will produce great results and will leave you with a more balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips which I have found have left me feeling sooo alive and much better lately.

  1. Eating more Fruit

This is such an obvious tip but it is honestly so important. I’ve slowly replaced crisps (which are my ultimate temptation) with a piece of fruit instead. I would often find myself snacking on crisps in between meals, more for the taste as they would never really fill me. Now I am snacking on fruit, either an apple or a satsuma and sometimes a banana, and they keep me fuller for way longer. It is also doing wonders for my skin I have noticed how soft my skin has felt lately compared to normal and I haven’t changed anything in my skincare so I’m assuming it’s to do with my diet.

2. Activity

Getting active in anyway you can is beneficial for a healthy body and mind, I like to do some sort of exercise in the morning as it sets me up for the day and I feel more confident and accomplished for the rest of the day. I started off by walking a mile just round my local village and I am now starting to run. I am trying out the couch to 5k app on my phone. I think this is great as it gives me a goal each time I go for a run and it helps build my running up slowly rather than trying to run 5k straight off and getting disappointed when I don’t achieve it. I try to go out for exercise at least 3 times a week and it leaves me feeling great.

3. Waking up Early /Getting up earlier

I’m still working on this one but there has been improvement. Getting up at an early hour such as 6 o clock every day is my aim. Getting up earlier just means you can get your brain in to gear earlier and get more productive. It strengthens the mind. However I am still finding myself looking through my phone in the morning on social media when I want to get to a point where I get up at 6 am no bother.

4. Drinking Green Tea

I started drinking green tea when I read about all the great health benefits of it online. I tried it for the first time this month and to be honest I wasn’t crazy about the taste but after having it for a few mornings instead of my coffee I’m starting to be ok with it. It’s a great detox and I am going to try some of the other flavours of green tea to see if they are any better for me. I am definitely going to be drinking more of this and less coffee from now on.

5. Tidying

The first thing I did when I finished studying in august was de- clutter everything, I tidied my room and my wardrobe and got rid of loads of things that had been there with no use for ages. I’m going to make it my mission to clear out my wardrobe at least once a year cause there is so much stuff that I don’t need and it makes you feel more organized when you do it. I’m keeping on top of my tidying and it is really helping me to keep a clear mind and help me feel together. I recommend having a good sort out this autumn.

6. Keeping a Diary

I would recommend to anyone to keep a diary. I tried it after reading its good to get things off your mind everyday. I started to write one and it is strangely therapeutic just writing your thoughts, worries and goals onto a page. It also makes a good record of what you have achieved and is good for reflecting on. It has definitely helped me and I have kept up with it so far and I will continue to do so.

7. Rewarding myself with Treats

Eating clean is great but we all have to balance the good with the bad. I’ve been trying to eat really healthily these past few weeks and have still decided to give myself some chocolate every now and then because who can’t live without it. I’m using chocolate to boost my productivity as well so I feel less guilty when I eat it. I reward myself every time I achieve something or complete an important task I want to get done that day therefore I know I have to work for it.

These are my 7 tips for getting healthier, hope they are helpful. If anyone has anymore tips then please leave a comment, I would love to hear.

Thanks for Reading

Love Beth x

14 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: 7 Steps to a Healthier Life

    1. Oh wow! that’s so good, I am really enjoying using the app as well and I will be sure to check out your blog.
      oh yeah I forgot that I love dark chocolate so that is good advice, Thankyou! xx


  1. I love your tips. One thing I would add is make sure you’re drinking enough water. A lot of times we drink too many calories without knowing it. Not only is water a calorie free alternative, but our bodies are over 70% water and we need clean water to detox and function just for normal days, but we need even more water on the days we exercise. Dehydration is not fun. Also, I would add eat more veggies as well as fruits. I have some great veggie recipes on my blog :).

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