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Friday Favourites: 5 books i’ve been reading

Hi All,

As I’ve had more spare time recently, I have been able to get back into reading more, which i enjoy. I find escaping to a fictional place a really good form of relaxing and de stressing, i mean who doesn’t love a good book. I especially like getting all cosy in the evening as the darkness draws in earlier and snuggling up with a blanket and a book before i doze off. I read somewhere that it’s bad to look at your phone up to an hour before you go to sleep as it can create stress or something, it’s better to unwind without it before bed so reading a good way to distract from that.

Anyway i thought i would mention the books i have been enjoying reading recently, and by recently i mean over like the last year as i am pretty slow with getting through books when I’ve had other things to do. I’m not going to mention Wuthering Heights which i am currently reading as i mentioned it in a recent post here

1) Swimming Home

IMG_2601 (2)

I actually got given this book for free by the university library last year when i started, and i finally got round to reading it this year. I think this is a really relevant book, especially with the mental health awareness promoting going on. ‘A merciless gaze at the insidious harm that depression can have on apparently well turned out people’. Although this book paints a straight forward story it was really one of those books that really has you thinking once you finish it, about the meanings and what is being portrayed through the characters. It wasn’t what i was expecting but it has important messages.

2) Quiet


IMG_2602 (3).JPG

This book is particularly relevant to me, as I am a massive introvert, which i see as a flaw. However this books takes you through examples and testimonies of introverts who have succeeded despite being introverts. I find this book really reassuring and motivating for someone like me. I haven’t read all of it yet but it was worth investing in. ‘For far too long those who are naturally quiet, serious or sensitive have been overlooked. The loudest have taken over even if they have nothing to say. It’s to harness the power of introverts’.

3) Game of Thrones – A Clash of Kings

IMG_2603 (2).JPG

So i am onto the second in the Game of thrones series of books. I have seen a few series of the TV series but not all of it. I am slowly but surely reading through the books and really enjoying the story of it, i really like it when it’s written from loads of people’s perceptions and the amount of detail it’s written in. I haven’t quite finished this book yet and I’ve dipped out of it for the time being as i fancied something of a different genre for a bit, but will be sure to return to reading this soon.

4) Into the Darkest Corner

IMG_2604 (2).JPG

This is my first thriller that I’d read in a while, I nicked this from my sisters bookshelf whilst we were moving house i thought it looked decent. Whilst i did enjoy how the book was written and got into the story in the beginning, i felt it lost momentum in the middle and towards the end with a really abrupt and possibly rushed ending.’ An edgy powerful novel utterly convincing its portrayal of obsession and a tour de force of suspense’.

5) The Kite Runner

IMG_2605 (2).JPG

Honestly, i haven’t actually read this recently but i have read it before some time ago. I think this book is amazing. There is a theatre version of this book that is coming next year near where i live and i really want to see it. This has made me want to read the book again as well. It’s about the friendship of two boys in Afghanistan in the 1970s. I would really recommend this book to anyone.

So here are all the books that I have recently been reading, i hope i have given some suggestions of what to read. If anyone has any more suggestions of things to read then i would be pleased to here.

Beth xx


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